EssayHave Complete Analysis is one of the oldest online writing services on the market, although the exact time of their creation is hard to find. Given their own contradictory information, they are activating since 2005 or 2008. However, we decided to see if their experience translates to better services than we usually find in the field.

We used the same approach we always do. We first did our research about the company; we read customer reviews found on other websites or social media, compared them to the testimonials and promises on their own page and then placed an order for a typical research paper. We will review our experience with the company based on the usual criteria. But first, what is their offer? Are they a fraud or scam? Not quite.

EssayHave is a website that keeps its focus on academic writing for all education levels, from high school to Ph.D. This includes all kinds of assignments typically met during education: essays, research papers, dissertations and many others. As a bonus, there are also proofreading and editing, as well as resume writing services.

Let’s see our experience after ordering a college-level paper.

Service Quality
The company claims to take pride in employing only the best writers. The applicants are required to pass extensive linguistic tests, with the demands for those employed being of the highest standards.

According to them, ESL writers and native English speakers can be used just as well, since they need to have the same requirements for a position.

We hoped this would guarantee good writing, the one good thing that is surprisingly hard to find using one of these services. Our first disappointment came in when analyzing the writing samples on the website.

We read two papers for this purpose: ”Bulimia and Anorexia” and “Charities Nowadays”. The content was full of grammar and improper usage of words, far below what your average student would write, especially at a college level. Furthermore, we even managed to find the same paper on bulimia and anorexia on other websites as well.

The same poor quality was to be found in our own paper. It was far too problematic to be considered tolerable – fixing it yourself would have required a significant amount of work.

Staff and Support
Their staff was polite but considering you’re not calling to simply make conversation, their inability to provide information and offer solutions was a deal-breaker.

Prices are in the average range. They start from $10/page for high school and go up to 48$/page for a graduate level. We ordered an 8-page paper with one-week deadline for $160.

Features and discounts
There is no promo code for your first order, nor is there any mention of coupon codes to be gained over time. There are, instead, discounts of 5-15%, based on the amount spent previously.

The company behind Essay Have is simply not a good choice if you need writing services. Between its suspicious writing samples, low-quality papers, and unhelpful staff, there’s no reason to recommend them. Our rating is 1.5 out of 5 stars.