Police Deadly Force

In the year 2015, the police killed 990 people. The police shootings and killings should be deemed as negligence and carelessness and they should be jailed so as to teach the others a lesson (Brinks and Daniel, p. 48). In terms of the total number of the racial group killed the most by the police are the whites totaling to 494 citizens followed by blacks 258 and lastly the Hispanic totaling to 172. This only means that either there are many white thugs on the streets or the number of other racial police officers with white grudge is increasing. This is certainly the same race that experienced the highest disparity in being killed by the police officers.

In the number of instances where the suspects were killed by the police while armed are the citizens from the white race. The whites should stop being aggressive to the police because it is a waste of time fighting with the government. This is certainly the same race experiencing higher rate of deaths while armed and it is because of their superiority thinking. The Hispanic race was in a better large number gunned down by the police while unarmed. I don’t see the reason why a police officer of a right mental ability who isn’t drunk can just mistake stuff like mobile phones on the hands of the victims to guns.

People from the black race usually experience the highest disparity in being killed by the police when unarmed. The rate is rising because they have always been taken to be criminals and walking in gangs even if it is a peaceful group (Hutto, Jonathan and Rodney Green, p. 93). This is unacceptable in our modern society and we ought to carry placards to the streets until the government does something about the killings. It is very unfortunate that in this day and life we still have police officers who discriminate against certain races. It’s high time we all leave as brothers and sisters and in harmony.